The Prospectors

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Nels Cline

Panning for Gold

New York

A freely improvised duo with guitarist Nels Cline.

Here we’re playing instruments from Nels’ current collection that feature pickups from Duneland Labs, the new company established to bring many of the custom designs I’ve been making for the past few decades into worldwide distribution. Short version is that he challenged me to make one axe with very dark ‘buckers (to use in place of his Les Paul) and another with very bright ones (to use in place of his Tele.) Being the darker member of the duo I’m playing the instrument known as The Moth. There’s a high level of communication going on here – remember, this piece is being generated from a place with absolutely no pre-arranged parameters. Also clear is the fact that despite the power at the core of Nels’ playing he’s also a very gracious musician.